Queen Anne LURC Meeting March 19

Posted on March 16th, 2018 by Sara Willy

All are invited to the Queen Anne LURC Meeting Monday, March 19 at 7pm.

This month they will be reviewing two city-wide rezone initiatives that will impact and change our neighborhoods this year.  In addition, they will update the Safeway and Garfield projects and discuss committee organization and business:

HALA – MHA up-zones of single and multi-family properties city-wide. Here’s The City Webpage containing the proposal and all documentation. From Martin Henry Kaplan, LURC Chair:

City Hall is moving to significantly up-zone most areas of the city that are zoned multi-family now and change many single-family parcels to multi-family as well.  Another element of the City’s HALA agenda. (Housing Affordability and Livability) and initiatives to accommodate increased density and growth, the MHA (Mandatory Housing Affordability) legislation has been moving forward.   You should become aware of the proposed changes and the dramatic and significant impacts that may come to your street and our neighborhoods.

This legislation has been advanced city-wide without significant involvement or input from any neighborhoods, or consideration of the unique qualities, issues, or opportunities within each – another one-size-fits-all unstudied change to everyone’s community without respect for you, your neighbors, or all Seattleites.  There are properties on Galer, and at the corner of Boston and Queen Anne Avenue that currently allow for a 40′ maximum height that the City has identified as allowing 75′ and higher!  Many believe that the unproven affordability promises marketed within the MHA legislation cannot be achieved or are exaggerated.

A group of 27 neighborhoods and organizations throughout our city have appealed the (FEIS) Final Environmental Impact Statement upon many grounds.  The appellant group is named SCALE (Seattle Coalition for Affordability, Livability, and Equity) and information and financial support can be found here.

Queen Anne Manner,
100 Crocket Street,
Washington 98109

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