November 9




By reporter, Steven Smalley

Art courtesy Ethan Jack Harrington. Used with permission

For 81-years Targy’s Tavern in Queen Anne has been a local institution. Now Magnolia’s Joel and Margo Stedman, owners of the Village Pub, buys the semi-famous watering hole at 600 West Crockett Street and makes it the third member of their family. The Stedmans also have the Duvall Tavern. 

“I dreamed of it for over a decade,” Joel Stedman tells Magnolia Voice. “I lived on Queen Anne and set foot in there in 2011. I said, ‘Wow, this place is cool.’ I was immediately in love.”

Known for its friendly bar, but not so much for the food, the location doesn’t have a full-on kitchen. Targy’s will continue to offer pizza and reasonably priced drinks to visitors and regulars. Happy hour is a generous 4-7 p.m. 

“The beauty of Targy’s is that it’s such a neighborhood institution. We don’t want to disturb it much,” Stedman says. “It has a feng shui about it. If you mess with it too much it’s no longer Targy’s, right? It’s this little tucked away gem. We are really excited about being part of the Queen Anne neighborhood.”

Targy’s may have the attention of the Stedmans today, fear not, the Pub isn’t going anywhere. The lease just renewed. 

“We’ve owned the Pub for eight years. It’s been a good ride so far,” Stedman says. “We’re stoked to be part of the community. We try to be Cheers, where everybody knows your name.”


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