SPD & Seattle University to host Crime & Safety Focus Group this Monday

If you’re interested in providing feedback and opinions on crime and safety on Queen Anne with researchers from Seattle University, head to the Queen Anne Library on Monday, July 10th at 5pm for a focus group discussion. Seattle University is partnering with the Seattle Police Department for the focus group research.

The researchers will host discussions on community crime concerns, and provide neighborhood feedback from these discussion to SPD. The goal is to improve the City’s community policing initiative.

About the focus groups:

– Discussions are semi-structured and led by Seattle University Criminal Justice graduate students

– Focus groups typically last about one hour

– Content of the discussion will be collected by a note-taker but no names or identifiers will be collected

– Participants are encouraged to stay for the duration of the meeting

The focus group is open to all Queen Anne residents. No advance registration is required, just head to the Queen Anne Library, 400 W Garfield St, at 5pm on Monday, July 10th to take part in the discussion.

Update: Woman shot on Queen Anne was killed by husband, neither were Queen Anne residents

UPDATE: A few readers have attacked Queen Anne View for stating that the victim and suspect were not residents of Queen Anne. I’ve even been called a racist by one reader. First, I never mentioned the race of either the victim or suspect, so how someone could make this tragic situation about race is puzzling. As for providing the information that neither the victim nor suspect were from Queen Anne, it’s in response to reader inquiries – imagine someone was shot on your street, would you really have no desire to know if it was one of your friends or neighbors?


The Seattle Times has updated information on the shooting of a woman on Queen Anne early Sunday morning. According to court documents, the woman was shot in the head by her husband as they were taking an Uber through Queen Anne. They were residents of Hillman City, south of Columbia City and east of Beacon Hill.

An excerpt from the Seattle Times – full article is here:

“The couple got into an Uber car for a ride shortly after midnight Sunday, according to probable-cause documents. The driver said Jennifer Espitia sat in the front passenger seat and Cameron Espitia sat behind the driver.

The two started arguing, and the driver heard a loud boom, which he said he first thought was a tire blowing but realized it was a gunshot. Thinking he would be shot next, the driver asked Cameron Espitia where he would like to be taken, to which he responded “just drive,” according to court documents.

The suspect told the driver to stop near Second Avenue West and West McGraw Place, and then got out. The driver called police.”

Read the full story from the Seattle Times here.

Homicide near 2nd Ave W & W McGraw Place this morning

UPDATE: Per KOMO TV, this shooting was a domestic violence incident.

Seattle Police Department reports that a man shot a woman in the head just after midnight. She was in a parked car at 2nd Ave W & W McGraw Pl. She died and he was arrested. This is one week and one day after a man was stabbed to death on Lower Queen Anne last Friday morning.

Few other details are available, here’s the report from SPD:

Officers Arrest Man for Homicide In Queen Anne

Officers arrested a man for killing a woman in Queen Anne just after midnight Sunday.

Officers were called to West McGraw Place and 2nd Avenue West early Sunday morning for a report of a man who had just shot a woman in a car.

Officers arrived and found a 29-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the head.  Seattle Fire Department medics took the woman to Harborview Medical Center where she later died.

Officers found the suspect nearby and arrested the 31-year-old man without further incident.

Homicide detectives interviewed the suspect before booking him into King County Jail for investigation of murder.

SPD: Man killed in stabbing on Lower Queen Anne/Uptown early this morning

There have been multiple reports of an incident in the early morning hours (around 2am) in the 500 block of Queen Anne Ave N. Some say it happened near Dick’s Drive-In, others say near Mecca Cafe.

Here’s the SPD Blotter report:

Man Killed In Overnight Stabbing In Lower Queen Anne, Suspect Arrested
Written by Detective Patrick Michaud on

Detectives are investigating after a man was stabbed in the chest outside a lower Queen Anne restaurant early Friday morning.

Officers responded to the 500 block of Queen Anne Avenue North just after 2 a.m. for a report of man who had been stabbed in the chest. Officers quickly arrived and found the 26-year-old victim with serious injuries and immediately began to perform first aid. Seattle Fire Department Medics arrived and took the man to Harborview Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.

Witnesses said the suspect, in an unprovoked attack, came across the street and plunged a large knife into the victim’s chest. The suspect then walked away from the scene. Officers were able to take the 38-year-old suspect into custody without further incident. Officers searched the suspect and were able to recover what they believe to be the weapon involved in the attack.

Detectives booked the suspect into King County Jail for investigation of murder. Police are asking anyone with information about this incident to contact the Seattle Police Homicide Unit at 206-684-5550 or call 206-233-TIPS.

Queen Anne teen faces charges for 7-Eleven armed robbery

According to the Seattle Times, a local Queen Anne teenager has been charged with attempted first-degree robbery and first-degree assault for the January 2nd robbery of the Upper Queen Anne 7-Eleven at 1607 Queen Anne Ave N.

Here’s a quick synopsis from the Seattle Times:

“Just after 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 2, a masked male walked into the 7-Eleven store at 1607 Queen Anne Ave. N., pulled a gun and demanded that the clerk fill a backpack with money. The clerk didn’t believe the gun was real and threw a plastic milk crate at the would-be robber, hitting him in the right hip. As the clerk reached for another crate, the male fired a single shot, narrowly missing the clerk’s head. The gunman grabbed his backpack and fled without getting any cash.”

The next night/early morning, a local Queen Anne resident reported a burglary after finding a gun missing from the family’s safe. Only one of several guns was missing and with no signs of forced entry, SPD linked the two incidents, resulting in the arrest of 17 year-old Henry Hicks.

You can read the full story in the Seattle Times here.

Video of suspect’s 2013 SPD car joy ride & tour de Queen Anne now available

A little over three years ago, back in May 2013, a reader sent us a tip about a car chase that ended up with an SPD cruiser stuck on the railing on 8th Ave W near Olympic Place – here’s his shot of the scene:

Now, three years later, LiveLeak has published the dashcam footage of the event. It starts with the 35 year-old suspect on foot in the Battery Street Tunnel as SPD approaches. He runs, SPD takes chase, and he jumps into the driver’s seat of the SPD cruiser and takes off on a wild ride.

After exiting the tunnel and flying through Belltown, he hooks a right onto Mercer and heads up to Queen Anne. He speeds through West Queen Anne and finds that our neighborhood isn’t always conducive to those unfamiliar with our streets as he hits a few dead ends, takes a few alleyways, reverses in high speed for over a couple blocks, and floors it on 10th Ave W a few times.

Luckily, no one was hurt, although there are a few close calls with a couple of taxis and a pedestrian and a dog are awfully close as he rounds a turn.

It’s a little over 14 minutes long, but if you’re up for a dizzying first person tour of Queen Anne as he flees before crash landing at 8th Ave W & Olympic Pl, check out the video below:

Alert: Woman reports of attempted child luring at Ballard Fred Meyer

Although Ballard is a neighborhood away, many Queen Anne residents shop at the Ballard Fred Meyer. (CORRECTED) It has been reported to QAV that a man allegedly tried to lure a 9 year-old girl and while SPD was contacted, they never showed up to confront him. Instead, the mother had to follow him, take a photo, and then follow up later with SPD (after a 48 minute wait).

Here’s her story from her Facebook page:

“Please be on the lookout for this guy. He tried to lure my 9 yo daughter in the Ballard Fred Meyer. He approached her and offered her popcorn, a necklace, and finally a can of beer (when she ignored him, perhaps he thought the 9yo would be tempted by alcohol?). He invaded her personal space and a store clerk was in the vicinity, overheard the creep, and ordered him to leave the store. Instead of leaving, he went to the in-store Tully’s and took a defiant seat.

At this point, I rejoined my daughter and heard what happened. I spoke w/the Store Manager (who was ‘acting’ and all of 20 and admitted that there was no store manager onsite) and this staffer refused to call the police.

Since the store was not taking this seriously, I called 911 and went to photo ID this asshat. Police never came and after a little while, the guy collected his cart filled w/beer, popcorn and necklaces (among other things) and left the store. I followed him in my car, bc the police never showed, and got some pix of him pushing his cart south on Leary towards Fremont. I called 911 a second time to provide an updated location for this perp and the nice 911 lady admitted that there was no chance of a squad car responding bc of too many incidents/too few officers.

Perpetrator had tattoos on his face and neck and was belligerent in tone and attitude. This is a bad bad guy who needs to be off the street before a less streetwise kid gets caught in his crosshairs.

Note: My 9 yo daughter and 12 yo brother were together in the store, away from me when this incident happened, bc I believe kids should learn how to navigate a grocery store. I usually send them (together) to find some items while I am getting the rest of the stuff. Not anymore.

UPDATE: Some follow up:

(1) I filed a police report with a very nice SPD detective. Waited on the phone line for 48 minutes on the non-emergency SPD line to get a staffer who in turn sent a squad car to my home. If this incident did not involve a child, I would have hung up. It is no wonder that crimes are under-reported in this town.

(2) Many have asked why Stella did not start screaming immediately. After the creep offered her a beer, she was taking a breath to scream bloody murder and at that instant the store clerk stepped in to intervene.

(3) Local media is involved, will see if this makes the news.

Feel free to share this story for constructive, public safety purposes. The perpetrator lured a child and he happened to be homeless. This is not exclusively a ‘homeless’ issue, but a broader societal issue of under-funded, under-resourced and flawed social/criminal justice system that allows creeps like this to walk the streets. It will take the collective efforts of the public sector, private sector (Fred Meyer….what were you thinking?), and NGOs to contribute to far-reaching, long-term solutions.

Learn more about the Block Watch program at Monday’s QACC Public Safety Meeting

QA Crime WatchIf you’ve ever wondered about Seattle Police Department’s Block Watch program, you can find out more get answers to your questions at Monday’s Queen Anne Community Council’s Public Safety meeting. The meeting is open to all, and neighbors who already participate in Block Watch programs are encouraged to attend and share their experiences.

At the meeting, you can ask questions of current Block Watch captains, as well as of SPD representatives. Our local West Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator, Terrie Johnston, and SPD’s Officer Larrabee will be on hand to discuss the program and answer questions.

If you’re interested in starting your own Block Watch program, this meeting is a great way to find out the easy steps you’ll need to take to kick one off for your immediate neighbors.

As a reminder, the annual Night Out Against Crime is Tuesday, August 2nd. You can register to close your street for a Block Party, deadline to do so is August 1st.

The QACC Public Safety meeting will be held at Queen Anne Manor (100 Crockett St), from 7pm to 8pm on Monday, June 27th. All are welcome to attend.

Driver of stolen van crashes into cars, Queen Anne resident tracks him down

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.42.37 PMAround 5am this morning, residents in the 400 block of Halladay street saw a white van crash into several cars. As it took off, a neighbor followed it to 1400 Dexter Ave N and got a photo of the driver.

Thanks to the photo, the suspect was located and arrested. In addition to a stolen van, he was also found in possession of 6 grams of heroin and a scale.

Here’s the full report from SPD:

Man Arrested After Crashing Stolen Van Into Two Cars on Queen Anne

Police arrested a man on Queen Anne early Thursday after he crashed a stolen van into two parked cars and was later caught with heroin and a scale.

Around 5 AM, several witnesses awoke to a crash outside their homes in the 400 block of Halladay Street and saw a white van speeding away. One witness noticed the van was leaking fluid and hopped in his own car to follow the suspect.

The witness followed the suspect’s trail until he saw the white van parked near Dexter Avenue and Aurora. He noticed a man walking away from the van and snapped a picture of him before returning home.

When the witness arrived back at his house he found officers surveying and documenting the damage to the two vehicles on Halladay Street. He showed police the picture of the van and the suspect, and officers began searching for the man.

Police found the suspect near Aurora and arrested him in the 1400 block of Dexter Avenue North after a brief chase. Officers found he was carrying 6 grams of heroin and a scale and discovered the van he’d been driving was reported stolen. He was booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of possession of stolen property and investigation of possession of narcotics with intent to distribute.

W Galer St standoff suspect: sex offender who robbed someone at gunpoint

More details have emerged about the identity of the robbery suspect who had an 8-hour standoff with SPD on Monday. Turns out he is a registered sex offender and an armed robber. SPD was serving a warrant for his arrest for a robbery of a man he met on Grindr. He robbed him at gunpoint for cash, watches, and a credit card.

I had inquired to our SPD contact about the registered sex offender at the same W Galer St address earlier this week, but SPD has not responded to my inquiries. The information on the suspect, Alik Aleksandrovi Lebedev, is available on the King County Sex Offender Registry:

No word on the identity of the young man – described as both a teen and adult – who left the house at 8:15am.

The Seattle Times has full coverage from the Prosecutor’s office. You can read more details on the robbery and Lebedev’s past crimes here.