Bustle Caffe is now S&L Cafe

A reader wrote in to let us know that Bustle Caffe now has a new sign outside and wanted to know the scoop (thanks, as always, to readers who send in tips!). I contacted the owner of Bustle to discover that he sold the business and it’s now under new management.

Along with the ownership change comes a new name – S&L Cafe. According to new owner Daniel, S&L stands for Sel & Lumiere, French for salt & light. The goal of S&L is to “serve and love the community by helping people to build relationships one cup at a time” and Daniel hopes to see the S&L space used for neighborhood building events and gatherings.

There are a few changes to the menu as well. The coffee served previously was a traditional Italian dark roast coffee, and S&L now serves a medium roast coffee from Portland-based Heart Coffee Roasters. This particular roast is described as having “smooth, balanced, and complex flavor profiles of medium roast coffee.”

And, as of this past Saturday, S&L is serving ice cream. You can get local small-batch homemade ice cream from the U District’s Sweet Alchemy Creamery at S&L, no need to leave the neighborhood.
Stop by S&L to say welcome, try the new roast, and pick up some sweet ice cream too!

Storyville Coffee Company to open in old Teacup location

Update: Storyville got in contact with us, but unfortunately our email system either flagged it as spam or just plain ate it. Regardless, here’s the scoop on when to expect things to happen at Boston & Queen Anne Ave N, mark your calendar for the beginning of 2014:

“Storyville Coffee is moving into the space at the corner of Boston and Queen Anne Ave N. We will be commencing our construction very soon and plan to open around the first of the year. We are very excited to be joining the community of Queen Anne and would like to invite the residents to visit our new location at Pike Place Market for a taste of what’s to come.”


Early yesterday morning I was headed down Queen Anne Ave, and finally! A sign of life at the old Teacup location at Boston and Queen Anne Ave N in the way of a new sign for Storyville Coffee Company.

I snapped some shots of the red Storyville logo, and fired off a couple of inquiry emails to Storyville when I returned home. I haven’t heard back yet, but in the meantime we’ve had several readers and other businesses send in tips about the Storyville sign.

Here’s the scoop on Storyville from its web site:

“Storyville Coffee Company was founded in 2006 as an e-commerce specialty coffee roaster and purveyor of coffee accessories. We passionately roast and ship coffee the same day, sending it direct to the doors of our customers from our Roasting Studio in Seattle, Washington. We ship to all 50 states and just about anywhere else in the world. Since the beginning, we have been obsessed with crafting the perfect cup of coffee, leading us to become designers and producers of our own line of coffee-making equipment, Storyville Hardware.”

Storyville logoThe site doesn’t have any information on the Queen Anne location, but it does have highlight its first retail coffeebar set to open in Pike Place Market on October 1st.

Suffice to say, we’ve all been anxiously awaiting something to happen at the location. The Teacup has been closed since December 2011, and in May 2012 I sent a tip to the then-Editor of Queen Anne View about a new tenant (yes, before I wrote for Queen Anne View, I sent in tips).

If we get more information from Storyville or reader tips, we’ll let you know!

Cederberg Tea House will bring the taste of South Africa to Queen Anne

Cederberg Tea signWe’ve had several tips from readers this past week about a sign going up at the shop across the hallway/courtyard from Chase Bank at 1417 Queen Anne Ave N, so I took advantage of the splendid weather to stop by and take a look – sure enough, there’s a sign for a new tea shop, and the owners are keeping it local while sharing their South African heritage.

Cederberg Tea House is set to open in June, and it puts a different spin on the typical tea shop with traditional South African sweet and savory baked goods, South African Rooibos tea, and espresso for those of you whose beverages take a coffee form.

The new shop is a mother-daughter venture – that’s right, a new family-owned, independent business is moving into Queen Anne. Native South Africans Natasha Robson-Lovato and Cecile Robson, now at home in Seattle, are at the helm of the new tea shop. Cederberg Tea House originally began as a local catering company named after the region where Rooibos tea grows, and now they’re putting down roots on top of Queen Anne.


Photo courtesy of
Cederberg Tea House

Natasha and Cecile are busy getting it ready for a June opening, and the menu promises delicacies you can’t get elsewhere in Seattle:

  • Rooibos Lattes and Cappuccinos: Rooibos tea is pulled through an espresso machine to produce a strong shot of tea with the strength and body of a regular espresso latte, but the unique flavor of tea. Cederberg promises you can’t get this traditional South African drink anywhere else in Seattle.
  • South African treats: you can taste a wide range of baked goods including Koeksisters, syrup soaked doughnuts; Melkterts, traditional custard tarts; Hertzogs, jam filled tarts with a coconut meringue topping; Crunchies, coconut, oatmeal and butter cookies; South African Fudge (which has no chocolate – check it out), and more.

Co-owner Natasha says they’re looking forward to being part of the Queen Anne community and sharing a taste of South Africa:

“Queen Anne is such a perfect location for what we are doing, because Queen Anne residents really seem to embrace small, locally owned businesses, which is exactly what we are… We can’t wait to share the treats and drinks from our home South Africa.”

Mark your calendars for June, and get ready to experience some new treats, teas, and coffee at the corner of Galer and Queen Anne Ave N.

Local Queen Anne Coffee Shops Featured in New Book – and You Could Win a Print of Your Favorite

You can spot some familiar local coffee spots and hang-outs in a new book by Tacoma’s Marsha Glazière, “Eclectic Coffee Spots in Puget Sound”. The book features seven local favorites, with photos of Bustle Caffe, Citizen Coffee, El Diablo Coffee Co., Twirl Café, and original paintings by the author/artist of Caffe Ladro, Macrina Bakery, and Uptown Espresso and Bakery. The book includes a total of 120 coffee shops around the Puget Sound region, and starting on December 15th, you can visit these shops to win a signed giclée archival print of the coffee shop of your choice from the 41 of paintings in the book.

Caffe Ladro

The Coffee Spot Safari contest runs from December 15, 2012 to January 31, 2013 – you win by collecting the most cash register receipts, with double credit for each receipt from non-profit retailers in the book. Quintuple credit for purchase of an e-book. Check here for full details, rules and list of prizes.


The book and an accompanying calendar with images of Caffe Ladro and Macrina are available online.

And, if you win, let us know which Queen Anne image you choose for your print!

Umpqua Bank pushes back opening to July 20

Construction crews have been busily transforming the former Upper Queen Anne Blockbuster building into a brand new Umpqua Bank branch, which had planned to open this month.

While Queen Anne doesn’t have a shortage of banks, those who were excited to check out the new banker on the block will have wait. Umpqua has pushed back its opening of its new branch another month, to Wednesday, July 20. But when the bank does finally open, they’ll be luring Queen Anne-ers in with the scent of fresh, free coffee.

Twirl Cafe grand opening Saturday

Twirl Cafe is having a grand opening celebration this Saturday, October 9 from 10 a.m. onward at its brand new digs in the Sweetbrier building, at 2111 Queen Anne Ave N.

We first heard that Twirl was coming to Queen Anne back in June, when we spoke with Queen Anne resident and Twirl owner Rebecca Pelletier. The idea behind Twirl was to create a community oriented family-style gathering space—part kids play space, part cafe.  Pelletier ultimately decided to open her play cafe in Queen Anne, thanks to the neighborhood’s vibrant community atmosphere.

Twirl will offer classes and activities for kids and adults, childcare services (while the parents enjoy some downtime or in-house workshops), and yummy health-oriented eats. And from the look of things so far, even the food will capture the Queen Anne feel. ‘The Howe,’ ‘The Galer,’ and ‘The Bigelow,’ are all specialty sandwiches on the menu.

Read more about Pelletier and Twirl Cafe here.

The Grinder coffee stand closes up shop

Longtime Queen Anne coffee post The Grinder, located at 41 Dravus St. off Nickerson (and just around the corner from Tully’s), closed up shop on Wednesday, April 28.

In a letter posted on the door to customers and patrons, owner Kristin Wilhite, who started the Grinder after graduating from SPU 15 years ago, wrote:

“The time has come to close the doors of The Grinder. For 15 years I came to work looking forward to who I would serve that day. I worked hard to not only provide you with good coffee, but with a safe place to laugh, cry, converse and be heard.”

Kristin, who gave birth to her son Max just three months ago, wrote that while she will miss The Grinder, she is thrilled to be starting a new career as a stay-at-home mom.

In her letter Kristin expressed the gratitude she felt for her customers and friends over the years.

“I have: Witnessed relationships turn into marriages. Freshman enter SPU and graduate four years later. Shared in retirements and in promotions. Celebrated our local, now well known author. Lived vicariously through your travels and heard your stories… Watched customers become parents and parents become grandparents. Made more friendships through serving coffee than I ever could have imagined. The stories are endless!”

Kristin invites anyone with a memory to share about The Gridner, to post it on the coffee spot’s Facebook wall.

El Diablo Coffee to celebrate 10th anniversary for entire month of May

El Diablo Coffee will be celebrating ten years on the hill next month, and to commemorate, they’ve decided to party all through May!

Beginning May 1, El Diablo will be introducing daily, weekly and monthly specials, including the “Diablito,” a new, limited edition concoction made from espresso and sweetened condensed milk.

For the actual anniversary, fittingly May 5th, i.e. Cinco de Mayo, El Diablo will be hosting an all day party!

Queen Anne Books will also be joining in the May celebrations for a few days, having a sale from May 5th to 9th, and the 1st annual “Galley Giveaway” with purchase. (Galley’s are free copies of books put together before final publication and handed out to reviewers–for some famous authors, these can be considered rare).

All the more reason to follow their devilish advice and consume lots and lots of coffee and cake in May! Happy ten years El Diablo!

(Thanks to Bruce for the tip!)