Dick’s Drive In moves into the modern age and starts accepting credit cards and mobile payments

For 62 years, Dick’s Drive In has only accepted cash, and it’s been somewhat of a Seattle insider tip. Now, Dick’s is moving into the modern age and accepting not only credit cards, but also Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

They’re released a new commercial which plays on the old “must be a tourist” grumbling when a customer asks if Dick’s takes credit cards – no longer a silly question. It’s worth a quick watch, and next time you head to Dick’s, you don’t have to make sure you have cash first!

Ballard Bridge lane closures Sunday for filming

A warning to weekend commuters: a commercial being filmed on the Ballard Bridge this Sunday, March 27 from 6 to 10 a.m. will block the southbound lanes of the bridge for most of the morning.

“We will have the right southbound lane blocked up to the draw span and will be opening and closing the bridge several times during the shoot,” says location manager Doug du Mas. “Traffic across the bridge will be controlled by Seattle Police and people should expect delays. I suggest using the Fremont Bridge instead during these hours.”