Dog Owners: take the city’s survey on dog parks (existing and future)

Seattle Dog ParksIf you’re a Queen Anne dog owner, take note – the city is soliciting feedback from Seattle dog owners on dog parks and general dog-o-graphic info (e.g. how many dogs you own, size of dog, breed of dog, etc.). The SurveyMonkey survey will help inform Seattle City Officials as they plan for the next few decades of off-leash policies via an Off-Leash Area Strategic Plan.

As a dog owner, I took the survey and there are several sections that allow you to write in comments. I’ve heard from many dog owners that the need for a dog park on Upper Queen Anne is critical. People use the city parks like Big Howe for their dogs, but the city is cracking down and ticketing people for off-leash dogs. The map shows existing dog parks and the lack of options for Upper Queen Anne residents.

This survey is your chance to let the city know that Lower Kinnear Park’s Off Leash Area only serves part of our neighborhood (and, hey, it needs a water source – let them know!). If you think an option like Rodgers Park would be a good location for a dog park, let the city know and put it in the open comments in the survey!

If you’re a dog owner, take the survey today!

Dogs and owners invited to Lower Kinnear Park Off Leash Area work party this Saturday

Kinnear Park signIt’s time for another Lower Kinnear Park Off Leash Area work party, but this time both owners and their pups are welcome to join in.

Volunteers are key to keeping our local Dog Park up and running is the help of volunteers. If you use the park, consider chipping in this Saturday, January 17th, to help clean it up.

This Saturday’s Work Party also starts at a more leisurely time, running from 11am to 2pm. Tools will be provided and snacks will be served too. All volunteers can bring their dogs to the event.

If you drive to the event, you can park at a dedicated parking lot behind Queen Anne Upholstery at the end of W. Mercer Street. (Enter from 904 Elliott Ave W).

RSVPs are not necessary, just show up and help out! Woof!

Help out furry friends and join a Lower Kinnear Off Leash Area work party this Saturday

Do you and your pup use the Lower Kinnear Park Off Leash Area? Or, do you just like having the option for a dog park on Queen Anne? Well, if you answered yes, here’s how you can give back: join a Lower Kinnear Dog Park Work Party this Saturday, December 13th.

The Work Party kicks off at 10am and runs through 1pm. Tools will be provided and snacks too! You can park at a dedicated parking lot behind Queen Anne Upholstery at the end of W. Mercer Street. (Enter from 904 Elliott Ave W).

While it’s a dog park clean-up, it’s not a dog-friendly event. Dogs must be left at home during the Work Party. It’s humans-only until 1pm, when you can head home, fetch your furry friend, and return to a spruced up Off Leash Area.

RSVPs are not necessary, just show up and help out! Woof!

Join the Lower Kinnear Dog Park work party and make it a safe, clean place for four-legged friends

The Lower Kinnear Off-Leash Area (aka Dog Park) opened back in February, and it’s been a great spot for Uptown and Queen Anne canines to frolic and play. However, dog parks don’t just regenerate – they require work from human overlords to keep them clean and freshened up.

That’s where you come in – volunteers are needed at a work party this Saturday, November 9th from 10am to noon. This operation is a human-only endeavor, as new wood chips will be spread about with shovels and the city’s heavy duty equipment isn’t dog-friendly.

The last work party was a party of only two, and that’s just not enough! Hey, it has a 10am start, a pretty reasonable hour for a Saturday, and your pup and others will benefit from the 2 hours you donate.

There’ll be coffee, water and lite bites for volunteers. Plus, you get to meet other dog park supporters and help get the park ready for our rainy season.

Show up at the Lower Kinnear Dog Park work party this Saturday, November 9, 10am-noon. You can access the park from a lot behind Queen Anne Upholstery at904 Elliott Ave W or you can walk through the park from the entrance on Roy St.

And note, the park is closed to pups during the work hours. But, after the work is over, the pups can roam freely on fresh wood chips in a safe environment!


Public meeting to celebrate and discuss dog parks is scheduled for May 8

The Seattle Parks department is joining with Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA) for a general meeting this Wednesday, May 8th, and the public is invited to join in the discussion. The meeting takes place at the Park Board Room (100 Dexter Ave N), 6:30pm-8:30pm.

LKP OLA approach

Lower Kinnear Park Off-Leash Area

COLA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was formed to obtain and maintain off-leash dog exercise areas in Seattle. Along with Seattle Parks, the COLA Board of Directors will be celebrating the openings of two new off-leash areas – one at Magnolia Manor Park and the other at our local Lower Kinnear Park.

In addition, the meeting will be a forum to share important updates and upcoming events, as well as hold a roundtable discussion on key topics such as events, fundraisers, marketing, education, volunteers, partnerships, and newsletters. Attendees will also be able to learn about the benefits of COLA membership and how to join. COLA member dues help improve existing off-leash areas, support the newsletter, phone line, and creation of educational brochures and materials.

All are welcome – although, please note, dogs must stay at home and sit this one out.

Lower Kinnear’s off-leash dog park now open with celebration planned for Sunday

New Off-Leash Sign at Kinnear Park
Dogs Welcome!

Queen Anne finally has its first off-leash dog park at Lower Kinnear Park – and it’s ready and waiting for your well-behaved pup to enjoy! I stopped by the park earlier this week, and aside from one pug and his owner, the park was quiet, like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

It’ll soon be full of happy pups, as the official opening celebration is this Sunday, February 24th. The off-leash area is a COLA (Citizens for Off Leash Areas) park; COLA is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization that supports and maintains Seattle’s off-leash dog parks.

Approaching the new OLA from Roy St entrance

COLA worked with Seattle Parks’ landscape architects Joe Neiford and Frank Robinson to design the new off-leash area (OLA), which includes a kiosk, wooden fencing, wood chip surfacing, a bench, and native plantings on the adjacent hillside.

The Seattle Conservation Corps constructed the 5,400 square foot off-leash area and thanks to the efforts of COLA, Seattle Parks, Friends of Lower Kinnear Park (FOLKpark), and the Queen Anne community, local canines now have a safe place to play off-leash, socialize with other pups, and promote a safe park and strengthen neighborhood bonds.

View coming from Elliott Ave W parking lot

Seattle dogs and their people are invited to join the opening celebration on Sunday, February 24th from noon-3pm. You can access the park from a lot behind Queen Anne Upholstery at 904 Elliott Ave W or you can walk through the park from the entrance on Roy St. (it’s a short, pleasant walk, the park has crushed stone paths and new plantings mixed with giant old trees).

The Kinnear Park off-leash area is part of a larger renovation of the park via funding from the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund (Lower Kinnear Opportunity Fund). The community worked with Seattle Parks and HBB Landscape Architects to design improved trail connections and signage, a restored tennis court, and a natural setting with native plants.

For more information about the Lower Kinnear Off Leash Area or to volunteer at the OLA, contact Patrick Jones via email or at 206.913.7261.