LOST CAT: Grey kitty with corkscrew tail lost near 6th Ave W

A reader lost her cat during a recent move. If you’ve seen a grey cat with a corkscrew tail, it’s probably Eloise. Here’s her info:

Lost cat! Eloise is a small grey cat with a corkscrew tail. Last seen on 6th Ave W between Ken’s Market and Targy’s Tavern on June 29th.

No collar but she is chipped. If found, please call or text 206-335-2411.

LOST CAT: Male tabby cat near Kerry Park

ApolloFrom our Facebook page: Apollo is a male tabby cat, missing from his home near Kerry Park at 3rd West and W Highland Drive.

If you live nearby, check your garages and decks.

If you’ve seen Apollo or find him, please call 206 399 2049.

LOST CAT: Silver & white Siamese near 10th W & W Crockett

Another reader has lost a cat, this time near 10th Ave W & Crockett. If you live in the immediate vicinity, keep an eye out for Louis, he’s an indoor-only cat and may be trying to get indoors.

Here’s more on Louis from his owner:

FullSizeRender-1Louis is an indoor cat and although he’s made a career out of trying to slip out the door, he has probably been outside a total of 30 min in his entire life. He likely slipped out in the afternoon of May 9. He’s an extremely friendly cat and scared of being outdoors, so in the past, when he has gotten out, he has beelined it to any open door or porch he can find. It is likely that he’s snuggling happily inside the home of another family.

We are all missing him so much, so I hope that we can locate him and bring him home. Louis is an adult silver and white siamese looking cat with blue eyes. He has a lump on his left flank. He is also microchipped, but doesn’t wear a collar because he spends all of his time indoors. All help finding our guy is appreciated! Contact Jen at 206-484-2928

LOST CAT: Siamese with blue eyes missing near QA Cemetery

DonnyA reader recently moved from one side of QA Cemetery to the other, and Donny the cat went missing upon arrival at the new place. Donny may be hiding in yards or garages, under decks, or in wooded areas, so if you live near 9th Ave W and W Fulton St, please be on the lookout. Donny’s old house is near 5th Ave W and the Cemetery.

Donny is a grey and white Siamese with blue eyes and soft fur. He is not wearing a collar and is very shy. He’s pictured to the right with his dog friend.

If you see Donny and he won’t come to you, or, if you are able to get Donny’s attention, let us know and we’ll connect you with his owners. A reward is offered for Donny.

LOST: Short-haired tabby cat near Queen Anne Ave N & Smith St

Lyra closeupNote: this cat is not the same cat that was found by a reader earlier this week.

Lyra is a mostly indoor kitty who got out while her owners were away last week. She is a brown tabby with black and grey stripes and green eyes, and when she slipped away from the house sitter, she was wearing a orange/pink collar with white fish on it (detail photo below shows the collar). She is also microchipped.

Lyra’s home is on Queen Anne Ave N between Smith and Raye Streets, so she’s likely in that vicinity. If you live in a few blocks radius of this location, please check your garages, under decks, and other hiding places.

Lyra collar detail


She may answer to her name, but is a shy kitty so may not come when called. She has been outside before, under supervision, so may be trying to find her way back home. If you have seen Lyra, please contact Deborah at 206-601-6147 or email us at tips@queenanneview.com.

FOUND: Long haired tabby cat near Bustle

Found CatA reader found a cat today that ran into the road near Bustle (intersection of McGraw & 6th Ave W).

If this long-haired tabby cat is yours or you know this cat, email us at tips@queenanneview.com and we’ll get you in touch with the people who found it. They’re keeping it safe at their home until an owner is found.

LOST: Tabby Cat near 2nd Ave W & Smith St – FOUND

UPDATE: Xena found her way home. Thanks to all who helped look for her!

Xena is a 5 year old small tabby cat, brown and white with black stripes and a patch of white on her stomach. She’s been missing since Tuesday, October 2oth near 2nd Ave W and Smith St.

She is indoor/outdoor kitty with a chip but no collar. If you live near 2nd Ave W and Smith St, please check your garages, sheds, and under your decks or porches in case she’s hiding.

Her owner is offering a reward for her return. If you’ve seen Xena, or know where she is, please contact her owner via email at adriennecasillo@yahoo.com or via phone at 206-518-7148

LOST CAT: Indoor tabby cat lost near 13th Ave W – FOUND!

UPDATE: Sigi has been found and is home safe & sound. Thank you to all who helped look for him!

Sigi is a lost large tabby cat who went missing on 13th Ave W between Barrett St and Armour St. Sigi is an indoor-only cat, so he’s not wearing a collar.

He got out late last night (Sunday night), so if you live in the vicinity, be sure to check your garages, carports, and under decks for Sigi.

If you have seen Sigi or find him, contact his owner via phone at 541-231-2385.

UPDATE: LOST CAT Indoor Abyssinian cat lost near W Crockett & 10th Ave W

Lost Cat CassieUPDATE: Cassie has been found and is home safe & sound. Thanks to all who looked for her!

A reader wrote us this morning about her lost indoor cat. Cassie is an indoor-only so has no collar or chip. She fell out of a second-floor window last night when a screen failed, and hasn’t been seen since.

Cassie is a 10 lb Red Abyssinian cat.  She might be injured from the fall and taking shelter in a hiding place near her home. If you live near W Crockett St between 10th Ave W and 11th Ave W, please check garages, carports, under decks, and in yards for Cassie.

LOST CAT: Outdoor cat missing near 2nd Ave W & W Howe St

Scout is an outdoor kitty who’s been missing since Monday, June 8th. Here’s the info from her owner:

Scout has been missing since June 8, 2015. She is a small, approximately 9 lbs, short-haired, greyish-brown and white tabby with one green eye and one blue eye.

She was last seen on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle on 2nd Ave W and W Howe St by Big Howe Park.

If you live on Queen Anne, please be on the lookout for Scout. Check your basements, garages, under your decks, etc.

I will provide a reward for Scout’s return home. She is a very important member of our family. Please contact Mary at 206-915-7328 via call or text at anytime.