Help this Strider bike find its way home

This past Thursday night, a red Strider bike was left in the planting strip – that space between the curb and the sidewalk – outside a Queen Anne home. What’s a bit odd about this lonely bike is that it was left sometime between 10:30pm and 7:30am, not typical bike riding hours for little ones.

Whether it’s a kid with night-owl tendencies or a burglar with second thoughts, whoever left the bike hasn’t returned to reclaim it.

If you know this bike, let us know and we’ll get you in touch with its current custodians.

UPDATE: the bike is red, not pink.

Found: Samsung Galaxy phone

More “found” news – this time a phone instead of a cat.

A reader found a Samsung Galaxy S/T-Mobile phone between 3rd Ave N between Hayes and Garfield. If you’re missing your phone and were in this vicinity, this one might be yours. Contact Sally at 206.285.4759.

Set of Keys Seeking Owner – Update: Owner Found!

UDPATE: Good news – keys were reunited with the owner!

Are you missing a set of keys? From the Forum:

Keys were found near my home by a neighbor passing by. If you are missing a set of keys and you were passing through the 4th Ave W/Garfield/Library area today, please email me at Accurate description of the keychain will be needed. If no one claims them by Monday 10 December, I will be taking them to the police station in downtown Seattle.