Do you want Google to test ultra-high speed broadband in our community? Tell them

Google is looking for communities to test ultra-high speed broadband service, and they’re calling for public officials and residents to send in nominations. And when they say “ultra-high speed” they’re talking more than 1 gigabit per second–about 100 times faster than most people get now, according to Google.

Interested in having the service tested in Queen Anne? Get more information and post a nomination here.

(Thanks to Phinneywood for the tip!)

Update: Mayor McGinn has announced that Seattle will be responding to Google’s request for community nominations for ultra-high speed broadband service!

Google’s vision of a fiber-to-the-home network with open access is very similar to McGinn’s plan to connect every home and business in Seattle with a fiber broadband network. McGinn has already created an internal city government task force of utility and technology leaders to create a plan for realizing this plan. That task force will also prepare a response to Google’s RFI.

Read the full press release here.