SPD & Seattle University to host Crime & Safety Focus Group this Monday

If you’re interested in providing feedback and opinions on crime and safety on Queen Anne with researchers from Seattle University, head to the Queen Anne Library on Monday, July 10th at 5pm for a focus group discussion. Seattle University is partnering with the Seattle Police Department for the focus group research.

The researchers will host discussions on community crime concerns, and provide neighborhood feedback from these discussion to SPD. The goal is to improve the City’s community policing initiative.

About the focus groups:

– Discussions are semi-structured and led by Seattle University Criminal Justice graduate students

– Focus groups typically last about one hour

– Content of the discussion will be collected by a note-taker but no names or identifiers will be collected

– Participants are encouraged to stay for the duration of the meeting

The focus group is open to all Queen Anne residents. No advance registration is required, just head to the Queen Anne Library, 400 W Garfield St, at 5pm on Monday, July 10th to take part in the discussion.

Homicide near 2nd Ave W & W McGraw Place this morning

UPDATE: Per KOMO TV, this shooting was a domestic violence incident.

Seattle Police Department reports that a man shot a woman in the head just after midnight. She was in a parked car at 2nd Ave W & W McGraw Pl. She died and he was arrested. This is one week and one day after a man was stabbed to death on Lower Queen Anne last Friday morning.

Few other details are available, here’s the report from SPD:

Officers Arrest Man for Homicide In Queen Anne

Officers arrested a man for killing a woman in Queen Anne just after midnight Sunday.

Officers were called to West McGraw Place and 2nd Avenue West early Sunday morning for a report of a man who had just shot a woman in a car.

Officers arrived and found a 29-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the head.  Seattle Fire Department medics took the woman to Harborview Medical Center where she later died.

Officers found the suspect nearby and arrested the 31-year-old man without further incident.

Homicide detectives interviewed the suspect before booking him into King County Jail for investigation of murder.

Video of suspect’s 2013 SPD car joy ride & tour de Queen Anne now available

A little over three years ago, back in May 2013, a reader sent us a tip about a car chase that ended up with an SPD cruiser stuck on the railing on 8th Ave W near Olympic Place – here’s his shot of the scene:

Now, three years later, LiveLeak has published the dashcam footage of the event. It starts with the 35 year-old suspect on foot in the Battery Street Tunnel as SPD approaches. He runs, SPD takes chase, and he jumps into the driver’s seat of the SPD cruiser and takes off on a wild ride.

After exiting the tunnel and flying through Belltown, he hooks a right onto Mercer and heads up to Queen Anne. He speeds through West Queen Anne and finds that our neighborhood isn’t always conducive to those unfamiliar with our streets as he hits a few dead ends, takes a few alleyways, reverses in high speed for over a couple blocks, and floors it on 10th Ave W a few times.

Luckily, no one was hurt, although there are a few close calls with a couple of taxis and a pedestrian and a dog are awfully close as he rounds a turn.

It’s a little over 14 minutes long, but if you’re up for a dizzying first person tour of Queen Anne as he flees before crash landing at 8th Ave W & Olympic Pl, check out the video below:

Alert: Woman reports of attempted child luring at Ballard Fred Meyer

Although Ballard is a neighborhood away, many Queen Anne residents shop at the Ballard Fred Meyer. (CORRECTED) It has been reported to QAV that a man allegedly tried to lure a 9 year-old girl and while SPD was contacted, they never showed up to confront him. Instead, the mother had to follow him, take a photo, and then follow up later with SPD (after a 48 minute wait).

Here’s her story from her Facebook page:

“Please be on the lookout for this guy. He tried to lure my 9 yo daughter in the Ballard Fred Meyer. He approached her and offered her popcorn, a necklace, and finally a can of beer (when she ignored him, perhaps he thought the 9yo would be tempted by alcohol?). He invaded her personal space and a store clerk was in the vicinity, overheard the creep, and ordered him to leave the store. Instead of leaving, he went to the in-store Tully’s and took a defiant seat.

At this point, I rejoined my daughter and heard what happened. I spoke w/the Store Manager (who was ‘acting’ and all of 20 and admitted that there was no store manager onsite) and this staffer refused to call the police.

Since the store was not taking this seriously, I called 911 and went to photo ID this asshat. Police never came and after a little while, the guy collected his cart filled w/beer, popcorn and necklaces (among other things) and left the store. I followed him in my car, bc the police never showed, and got some pix of him pushing his cart south on Leary towards Fremont. I called 911 a second time to provide an updated location for this perp and the nice 911 lady admitted that there was no chance of a squad car responding bc of too many incidents/too few officers.

Perpetrator had tattoos on his face and neck and was belligerent in tone and attitude. This is a bad bad guy who needs to be off the street before a less streetwise kid gets caught in his crosshairs.

Note: My 9 yo daughter and 12 yo brother were together in the store, away from me when this incident happened, bc I believe kids should learn how to navigate a grocery store. I usually send them (together) to find some items while I am getting the rest of the stuff. Not anymore.

UPDATE: Some follow up:

(1) I filed a police report with a very nice SPD detective. Waited on the phone line for 48 minutes on the non-emergency SPD line to get a staffer who in turn sent a squad car to my home. If this incident did not involve a child, I would have hung up. It is no wonder that crimes are under-reported in this town.

(2) Many have asked why Stella did not start screaming immediately. After the creep offered her a beer, she was taking a breath to scream bloody murder and at that instant the store clerk stepped in to intervene.

(3) Local media is involved, will see if this makes the news.

Feel free to share this story for constructive, public safety purposes. The perpetrator lured a child and he happened to be homeless. This is not exclusively a ‘homeless’ issue, but a broader societal issue of under-funded, under-resourced and flawed social/criminal justice system that allows creeps like this to walk the streets. It will take the collective efforts of the public sector, private sector (Fred Meyer….what were you thinking?), and NGOs to contribute to far-reaching, long-term solutions.

Next Neighborhood Safety Alliance is at SPU this Thursday

The Neighborhood Safety Alliance met earlier this month in Magnolia, with a standing room only crowd. Representatives from Magnolia, Queen Anne, Ballard, and North Seattle were on the agenda, joined by City Council members Sally Bagshaw and Mike O’Brien, and representatives from the Mayor’s office, SPD, Human Services, and the City Attorney. The main topic of discussion – RVs illegally parked on city streets – resulted in the Mayor’s plan to establish legal RV parking sites.

Residents also voiced concerns over SPD response times to 911 calls and the lack of response to cleaning up waste and debris from RVs. Attendees also requested more SPD patrols in the neighborhoods, including Queen Anne.

Gwinn CommonsThis Thursday, January 28th, the group is hosting another meeting, this time on Queen Anne at Seattle Pacific University’s Gwinn Commons at 6:30pm. An agenda isn’t available for the meeting, but the group’s website states the following:

“We would welcome ALL areas of the city to attend, especially those neighborhoods that feel the effects of RV’s in their neighborhoods.”

If you’re interested in the January 6th meeting, full video coverage (three 30 minute YouTube videos) of the meeting is available online via the Neighborhood Safety Alliance website.



Officer involved shooting at Kerry Park

Note: please see updates in this post. Around 2pm today, there was an officer involved shooting at Kerry Park. We are receiving many reports from readers on what happened, and many conflicting stories. We are sorting through the details available and waiting on official word from SPD.

Here’s what we know from SPD at this time: there was an officer involved shooting at Kerry Park, a man in his 30s was taken to Harborview Medical Center with multiple gunshot wounds.

UPDATE: multiple reports from witnesses indicate that an attempted carjacking at Queen Anne Ave N & Garfield St may have begun the day’s incidents, with the suspect ending up at Kerry Park with a weapon (both a knife and a gun have been cited by witness reports) confronting SPD officers.

UPDATE #2: From SPD:

Police Wound Knife Wielding Suspect During Confrontation Near Kerry Park
Written by on

“Seattle Police Force Investigation detectives are investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred near Queen Anne’s Kerry Park earlier this afternoon.

West Precinct patrol officers were dispatched to a report of an attempted car theft in the 1500 block of Queen Anne Avenue N around 1:45 p.m.

Officers arrived just minutes later and confronted the knife wielding suspect near Kerry Park. One officer used a Taser to try and subdue the suspect but without success. Another officer fired upon and wounded the suspect.

Seattle Fire medics provided emergency care to the suspect and transported him to Harborview Medical Center. The suspect’s injuries appear to be non-life threatening.

The suspect is an African American in his thirties. Police are working to gather additional details on his identity.”

UPDATE #3: From The Seattle Times:

“Police spokesman Patrick Michaud said officers were called with reports of a man trying to steal a car.  When they got to the area, he approached him with a knife, Michaud said.  He said officers first tried to talk with the man, telling him he would be shot with a taser if he didn’t drop the knife.  They did shoot him with a taser, Michaud said, but the taser “didn’t have the desired effect,” and the officers fired when he continued to approach.

Michaud said it’s going to take time to figure out what happened and why it ended the way it did. The man was taken to Harborview Medical Center with what police called nonthreatening injuries.

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole, who went to the scene, said investigators were searching for patrol-car video of the incident and that, if found, it would be released as soon as possible.”

UPDATE #4: Suspect has been identified by SPD as James Linwood Slade:

“The suspect in today’s incident has been identified as James Linwood Slade, age 31.

At the time of the confrontation, he was wanted in all 50 states for escaping from Washington Department of Corrections community custody. The underlying offense for his DOC status is assault. The warrant, dated January 4, 2016, indicates that Slade has a violent history and may be armed.”

UPDATE #5: SPD dashcam video now available:

Description per SPD Blotter:

“Newly released dashcam video shows one officer shoot James Slade as he advances with a raised knife.

Still armed with a knife and now wounded, Slade can be heard pleading with officers to kill him. Slade stands up and climbs into the driver’s seat of a patrol car. It is at this point that another officer tases him, something that is sequentially different from our original post and is corrected above.

Dashcam shows officers remove Slade from the patrol car and provide first aid until Seattle Fire medics arrive on scene.”

We will continue to update this post as soon as we have more information.

Early morning shooting behind Peso’s leaves one wounded

Pesos mapAccording to the Seattle Police Department, a person was shot at 1:30am this morning (Monday, December 28th) behind Peso’s Restaurant & Lounge at 605 Queen Anne Ave N. The victim was shot multiple times and transported to Harborview.

The suspects (one or more, number unconfirmed) escaped in a black vehicle, described by KOMO as a black Cadillac.

Here’s the current write-up from the SPD Blotter:

Police Investigating Early Morning Lower Queen Anne Shooting

Officers are investigating after a man was shot early Monday morning in Lower Queen Anne.

Police received multiple calls of shots being fired near the 600 block of Queen Anne Ave N at 1:30 AM. Officers located a victim in the alley behind and performed first aid until the Medics arrived.

Medics transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries. Officers processed the scene for evidence and recovered shell casings.

Witnesses said that an altercation from a bar moved outside and into the parking lot behind when they heard shots fired. The suspects left southbound in a dark colored vehicle.

If you have any information about this case, please call the Homicide/Assault tip line at (206)233-5000.

Queen Anne burglar caught thanks to K-9 Ziva

A burglar who targeted a home near SPU was caught by SPD, thanks to K-9 Ziva and a SPU security guard. Reminder: call 911 if you see suspicious activity or, in this case, hear someone in your home.

From the SPD Blotter:

Early Morning Queen Anne Burglar Foiled By Security Guard, Dog

Officers arrested a man in Queen Anne for burglary after he was tracked back to his car Monday morning.

A woman frantically called 911 at 1:45 AM Monday when she heard items being moved around in her home–she lives alone.  The woman hid in her bedroom and called 911.  Officers arrived minutes later and checked the home, but the burglar had already left.  K-9 Zeva

A Seattle Pacific University security guard approached an officer and let them know they had seen a man leaving the area just before officers arrived at the home, pointing them towards a car parked in a near-by lot.  K-9 Officer Wong and his partner Zeva  were searching the area and tracked from the home to the same car.  Officers approached the car and arrested a 44-year-old man who was sitting inside.

Officers booked the suspect into King County Jail for investigation of burglary. Burglary detectives are now seeking a warrant to search the suspect’s vehicle and recover any stolen property that may be inside.

Suspect in stolen shuttle bus leads SPD on chase through Queen Anne

Cars hit by busYesterday, we had several reports from readers on a car chase led by a car rolling only on its rims and a tour bus on a rampage, crashing into cars along its route. Plus, reports of helicopters over West Queen Anne and Interbay.

Turns out, it was all the handiwork of one suspect. He started the chase in a stolen car near the Magnolia Bridge, taking off down Elliott Ave. He then stole a tour bus (shuttle type) near the waterfront and headed to Queen Anne. The chase ended when he crashed into another car in the 3200 block 14 Ave W.

Photos to the right are from a reader via Twitter, showing the damage left on Queen Anne in the wake of the chase. Full write-up of what happened is below, from the SPD Blotter:

Man Driving Stolen Car Steals Another Vehicle, Crashes

Officers arrested a 34-year-old man after he was spotted in a stolen car, stole another vehicle and crashed into multiple cars in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

Witnesses called 911 just before 10:30 Friday morning saying there was a car hidden behind some bushes in Ursala Judkins Viewpoint Park. Arriving officers checked the plate and discovered it was attached to a stolen car.  They tried to contact a man who was in the car’s driver seat when he put it in gear and sped off. Officers followed the stolen car as it careened through a fence and into a patrol car.  Officers briefly lost sight of the car until they saw a large plume of smoke above the car driving on just its rims in the 100 block of Elliot Ave. W.  Officers called off the pursuit due to the suspect’s increasingly reckless behavior.  Officers followed a trail of damaged cars, and even a Metro bus, to the  suspect’s stolen car near a parking garage near 1 Ave. and Bell St.

Another victim called 911 minutes later after the same suspect pulled them from their van and sped off from a hotel at 2100 Alaska Way.  The suspect continued fleeing until he crashed into another car in the 3200 block 14 Ave. W causing the van to catch fire. The suspect exited the burning van and used a fire extinguisher to stop the flames.  Officers eventually arrested the suspect not far from where he crashed the van.

Medics took the suspect to Harborview Medical center for injuries sustained in the crashes, however no other injuries were reported.

Carjacking and robbery at gunpoint on Valley St on Saturday

At 6:30pm on Saturday evening, a woman was carjacked and robbed at gunpoint in the 200 block of Valley St. The suspect took her cash, keys, and white Fiat 500, and left the scene.

He was found after another woman was robbed at gunpoint (no neighborhood/location provided). She called 911 and reported that he was driving a white Fiat 500. A chase ensued and he was apprehended after crashing the car on an I5 exit.

Here’s the rundown from the SPD Blotter:

Man Arrested After Carjacking, Robbery and Car Crash
Written by Detective Patrick Michaud on

Officers arrested a man after he stole a car, robbed someone, and then crashed the stolen car following a brief pursuit Sunday morning.

Officers were called to the 200 block of Valley St at 6:30 PM Saturday for a report of a car-jacking. The victim told officers that she was approached from behind by the suspect who pointed a gun at her and demanded money and her car.  The victim gave the man her cash and car keys.  The suspect got into the white Fiat 500 and drove off Southbound.

Officers flooded the area and despite a lengthy area check, were unable to find the car or suspect.

Sunday morning officers received a call from a different woman claiming to have been robbed at gunpoint.  The woman said the suspect was last seen driving away in a white Fiat 500.

Officers, knowing the description from the previous evening, again rushed to the area. Officers found the vehicle as it attempted to enter I-5. Officers briefly pursued the vehicle until the suspect driver’s behavior became too dangerous to continue. The suspect lost control on the Airport Way exit from I-5, crashing into another car.  The suspect and a person from the other car were injured in the crash.  Officers arrived  and called for Medics, who treated the injured at the scene.

Officers arrested the suspect and called Traffic Collision detectives, who continue to investigate.