Chocolopolis leaving its spot on Queen Anne in July

After nearly a decade on Queen Anne, Chocolopolis is moving out of its space on Queen Anne Ave N at the end of July. The shop’s lease is up and it’s looking for a space that will better serve it in the future – and that means possibly moving to another neighborhood.

Lauren Adler opened Chocolopolis in 2008, and when the lease is up on July 31, the shop will close. Some of the challenges that led to the decision include a kitchen that’s too small, retail space that’s too large, and funding issues. Adler is looking for a space with a larger kitchen and smaller retail space in a less expensive area. Sadly, that space likely doesn’t exist on Queen Anne.

While Adler looks for a new space and new opportunities for her chocolate endeavors, and, she’s seeking input from customers via a survey that you can take today. And, the shop is still open and serving up delicious chocolates until it moves on.

Last market day of the season: Queen Anne Farmers Market special events & vendors

qafm-orange-beetsIt’s the last market day of the season! Although it is soggy outside, the Queen Anne Farmers Market is open from 3pm to 7pm to fill your market needs one last time this season.

Even if you can’t make today’s market, be sure to fill out the QAFM survey, so the team behind the market can plan ahead for next year.

Here’s the info you need to know to plan your late Thursday afternoon and/or evening:

Every Thursday: farm & food vendors can be found here

Event Tent: Queen Bee Cafe, in partnership with Aegis Living, will be serving up delicious crumpets and coffee (perfect for a rainy October day). It all starts around 3:00pm.

Coat Drive:  The Coat Drive for the Queen Anne Helpline is in its 3rd year. Last year it collected over 160 coats and are hoping to break that record this year. A collection bin will also be at the Queen Anne Farmers Market today from 3:00pm-7:00pm.

Musical Guest: Seattle-based Billy Brandt w/the Thing & the Stuff Band is the latest top contender in the groove tradition. His music seems unconcerned with popular trends, just committed to excellence in musical execution. Billy’s lyrics adroitly use simple stories to tell tales of desire and daily spiritual truths, his songs bringing back a jazzy authenticity to modern songs about city living.

New & Rotating Food Trucks: Girls Gone BBQ, Buns, Mangia Me, Grilled Cheese Experience, Bean Fish Taiyaki

Winery: Cinq Cellars

Make your plans now. The last Queen Anne Farmers Market of the season is today, Thursday, October 14th, 3pm-7pm, W Crockett Street between Queen Anne Ave N and 1st Ave W.

Local businesses lost: let the City know what businesses you miss or fear will close

easy-signOne of the downsides to rapid development is the loss of local businesses, often pushed out by new construction or rising rents. We’ve lost quite a few businesses on Queen Anne in just the past few years, and with more development on the way, we could lose more.

To help save local neighborhood businesses, Councilmember Lisa Herbold is proposing a Seattle Legacy Business Program with the mission of preserving the bars, restaurants, cafés, and shops that give Seattle its unique character and sense of community. The mission is simple:

Keep the Doors Open for Historic Neighborhood Businesses

Herbold is working with the Washington Trust for Historic PreservationHistoric Seattle, and 4 Culture for the proposed program, and it currently consists of three elements:

  • Survey community members to identify our most important business establishments
  • Identify elements that contribute to the culture, character, and history of Seattle
  • Establish tools to protect them

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.27.08 PMHow can you help save your favorite businesses? Or, let the City know what businesses are gone forever? Take the survey. It’s short – you can see the short list of questions to the right.

The survey results will help educate the City Council about businesses that may have escaped their radar – a true community-inclusion approach.

The results will be taken to the Mayor’s office, informing the Mayor’s Commercial Affordability Taskforce and its efforts to determine what policies and/or funding support may be necessary to preserve and protect Seattle’s iconic small businesses.

Let your voice be heard, take the survey today!

Survey on Restricted Parking Zones open through end of March

If you live in or near a Restricted Parking Zone, or use these areas to park around Queen Anne or anywhere else in Seattle, you can take an SDOT survey now through March 31st to provide input on these zones.

Restricted Parking Zones RPZ SeattleThe survey is fairly short and self-explanatory, and while you can indicate if you live in an RPZ or near one, you don’t have to park in one to take the survey and provide input.

Questions range from convenience to frustrations to impacts of the RPZ zones, as well as who should have permits and how many (e.g. how many parking permits per household).

The map to the above right shows the RPZs on Queen Anne, you can find out about city-wide RPZs at the SDOT RPZ Program website and find answers to common questions on this program overview page.

Walk? Take the Pedestrian Master Plan Update survey

We’re lucky to have local community organizations like Queen Anne Greenways to make sure our streets are safe for pedestrians. However, if you’re a pedestrian, you’ll have a vested interest in the Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan, the City’s approach to prioritizing pedestrian improvements across Seattle.

QA Ave N and Galer stairs to ChaseThe Pedestrian Master Plan Update survey is open now, and it takes about 5 minutes or less to complete it. It asks respondents to rate/rank the importance of different pedestrian improvements, from safe sidewalks to visible crosswalks (check out the almost-non-existent crosswalk at Queen Anne Ave N & Galer St to the right) to speed limits for cars.

The survey also shows a variety of different alternatives to traditional sidewalks that would be less expensive for the City to implement in areas where no sidewalks exist today.

Check out the survey today and let the city know what you think about different approaches to keeping pedestrians safe both on Queen Anne and in Seattle.

The Seattle Public Library is rebranding and seeking public input

The SPL logo and name will change –
check out the survey to see what’s proposed

The Seattle Public Library has kicked off a rebranding initiative, and it’s seeking public feedback  via a survey on the new name, three new logos, and a descriptive mission statement. I took the survey last night, it’s short and well worth your time if you have an opinion on the future of SPL.

“Seattle Public Libraries” is the proposed new name, and you can comment on how you feel about this name, as well as the traditional “The Seattle Public Library” name. Plus, you get a peek at 3 different new logos for the library, with an open-ended response to provide your thoughts on each logo – whether you like it or not, what you like/dislike about the proposed graphics and text, and general comments.

The branding initiative is privately funded by The Seattle Public Library Foundation, but it’s ultimately the community’s library – so speak up and voice your opinions in the web survey.

Survey input is due by 5pm on Sunday, October 11th – but don’t delay, take 5 minutes today to take the survey. You’ll be able to check out the new logos (they look very different) and mission statement, as well as let SPL know what you think of the proposed new name.

Provide your feedback to improve Queen Anne Community Center programs and activities

On of our local Queen Anne community groups – we are fortunate to have so many – is looking for feedback on the programs and activities offered at the Queen Anne Community Center.

Queen Anne Heart has launched a survey to collect information on the wants and needs of Queen Anne neighbors to help develop programs and improvements for the Queen Anne Community Center. The questions are simple, ranging from how often you use the QACC to the types of programs you’re interested in, and even what days and time would be most convenient for you.

You can take the survey online or drop by QACC to fill out a print version.

Queen Anne Heart is looking to transform the QACC into a “neighborhood hub” for residents. While there are many Queen Anne neighbors who use the QACC, there are also many who don’t – and getting feedback will help make QACC relevant to the community at large.

Take the survey today, it only takes a few minutes of your time!

Project HeronWatch needs your input

Did you know that Seattle’s largest colony of Great Blue Herons nests just one neighborhood away? Six months a year, the colony makes its home near Discovery Park. The nests are well hidden, so it’s often hard to spot them. However, the Heron Habitat Helpers is looking to change that and make the birds more visible to the public.

Project Heron WatchVia Project HeronWatch, the group is considering installing two remote viewing stations in the visitor centers at Discovery Park and at the Ballard Locks, where visitors can view the herons nesting and raising their chicks. The group is asking Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne neighbors for input on these proposed stations.

You can take the survey today through September 15th. The Heron Habitat Helpers is trying to spread the word, so pass along the survey link to other individuals, groups, and organizations that may have an interest in these birds.

And, a bit of trivia for those who may not know… the Great Blue Heron is the official Seattle city bird. So, help them out and take the survey today!

Share Your Thoughts on Transportation Funding & Investment Priorities

To better understand what residents want and how to prioritize the needs of the public against available funds, the Washington State Transportation Commission has launched a statewide survey seeking your opinion. You can sign up to take the survey online, and help guide future investments in our transportation system.

Typical questions include how much (if any) you feel is fair to pay per month in increases for transportation taxes and fees, transportation categories you think the state should invest in (e.g. new lanes, increasing bridge capacity, increasing transit service, bike and sidewalk improvements), and how investment increases should be funded (e.g. gas tax, vehicle excise tax, vehicle license fees, hybrid vehicle fees).

Once you’ve signed up for the survey via joining Voice of Washington State (VOWS), you’ll receive an email invitation for the survey. The final results will be reported to the governor and Legislature at the start of the 2013 session, and will help guide key decisions. The survey runs through Monday, December 17th, so act now!

SDOT wants your opinion on Seattle’s paid parking

After adjusting the city’s paid parking rates neighborhood by neighborhood across town (and decreasing rates in Uptown), the Seattle Department of Transportation wants to hear what you have to say about the city’s on-street paid parking system. SDOT is conducting an online survey about paid parking, as part of a project to make paid parking more available downtown and in certain neighborhoods.

You can find the survey here (I just did it, and it took less than 10 minutes).

By the way, SDOT has a parking map that lists every paid, permit, carpool, time limited, no parking and unrestricted zone, as well as parking garages and lots. You can zoom in by address, intersection, major landmark, or neighborhood.