Weekend wind and power outage wreckage in QA

It was a weekend of unexpected surprises for many in Queen Anne, beginning with those who woke up without power Saturday Morning. The outage, which was caused by a blown transformer and left nearly 10,000 people without electricity in Queen Anne and Magnolia, was not aided by the wind, which toppled over several trees in the neighborhood, adding to the chaos.

This video, submitted by MichaelG, illustrates the scene at 1400 Bigelow Ave N on the hill, where one large tree not only fell into the street and took down some power lines, but crushed a parked car in the process.

The above photo was also submitted by MichaelG.

Photo submitted by Chas Royal.

The fallen tree blocked through access on Bigelow, and City Light and Seattle Fire Department crews kept the area closed off for most of the day while they cleaned up the mess.

Photo submitted by Mark Taylor.

According to Seattle City Light, all but 1,900 customers had their power restored by 1 p.m. Saturday. But the incident served as evidence of what can happen when Queen Anne’s aging power lines and a little unfavorable weather meet—what crews on the scene were calling a “real mess.”