April 6

Queen Anne Post Office up for sale



The United States Postal Service has put the Queen Anne Post Office, located at 415 1st Ave N, up for sale this week.

According to USPS media contact Ernie Swanson, the Postal Service is attempting to cut costs with the sale of ten Post Offices in Western Washington, including the location in Queen Anne alongside posts in Kent, Bremerton, Kirkland, Redmond, Federal Way, Tacoma, Port Townsend, and two in Bellevue.

“Postmaster General John Potter has made the statement that the Postal Service is “in dire financial straits.” USPS lost about $3.8 billion in FY 2009 and expects to lose as much as $7 billion this year. Mail volume was down from 203 billion pieces in FY 2008 to 177 billion pieces in FY 2009. Projections are that volume could go down to as low as 150 billion pieces by 2020,” Swanson wrote to QueenAnneView in an email this morning.

He said that although the economic recession does account for some of the volume loss the USPS has been experiencing, much of it can be attributed to the mass migration to electronic means of communication. With many people now communicating with family and friends via email, paying bills online, and “going green” by opting out of paper notifications, the Postal Service has been suffering nationwide.

“The sale of postal-owned facilities is going on around the country. We can improve our cash flow by selling facilities and replacing them with leased facilities,” he wrote.

According to Swanson, the Postal Service is simply looking for a buyer for the Queen Anne Post Office, which they would continue to lease; they are not looking to move.

“If we are able to sell the Queen Anne location we have a provision in the sales agreement that we would keep the Queen Anne Post Office at its present location (415 1st Ave. N.) for up to two years while we secured another retail site in the lower Queen Anne area,” he wrote.

The other floors of the Queen Anne Post Office building house the Seattle District offices and their personnel. Swanson said, upon sale of the building, those offices would be re-located within the greater Seattle area “without any impact on the public.”


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