June 28

Pictures from Seattle Pride 2010



For anyone who was in downtown Seattle this weekend, you probably caught some of the Pride Parade, which poured into Seattle Center mid-day Sunday, where thousands celebrated Pride Fest under the Needle.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to Pride this year, we’ve captured some of the festivities through photos.

Crowds enjoyed the International Fountain on the cloudy, but still quite warm summer day.

The Space Needle flew the Rainbow Pride flag for the weekend, a first in the history of Pride Seattle and a major point of pride for those involved (.pdf).

Just like most celebrations at the Center, the grounds were filled with costumes, fun events and vendors.

There were also two stages set up with live performances throughout the day…

And lots of dancing within the crowd.

Have pictures of Pride you’d like to share? Email them to tips@queenanneview.com.


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