July 6

Off-leash dog areas moving ahead in Queen Anne’s Lower Kinnear Park and Magnolia Manor Park



It looks like an off-leash dog area in Queen Anne has new life.  Four years ago, there was a plan to add the area to Lower Kinnear Park.  After several community meetings and site selections, the plan sat on the shelf.  But we’ve learned that funding for design and planning will become available in late 2011, and construction could start in 2012.

The 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy allocates funding for the project.  The parks department has worked closely with Friends of Lower Kinnear Park on the 5400 square foot site, which can be seen as #2 on the map below (click the map to enlarge).

Another off-leash area has been designated at Magnolia Manor Park in Magnolia.  The parks department tells us that both projects will go through another full public process.  For background on the site selections that took place back in 2006, click here.


Lower Kinnear Park, off-leash

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