April 19

CleanScapes’ neighborhood competition still close



Tuesday South, the trash collection area encompassing the western half of Queen Anne and the top of Magnolia, is still trailing the Ravenna trash collection area of Tuesday North in the Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards contest.

CleanScapes’ city-wide neighborhood competition measures the difference in tons of garbage, yard waste and recycling from the previous year for the grand prize of $50,000 towards a community improvement project. The 2010/2011 Neighborhood Waste Reduction Rewards program runs until September 30.

The difference between Tuesday South’s and Tuesday North’s change in waste reduction, 0.7 percent, is the same small amount reported last February despite the collection of more than a ton of waste in each area since.

From the CleanScapes website:

Winning is easy: stop waste before it happens. Compost at home. Use a worm bin. Grasscycle. Use refillable water bottles and coffee mugs. Replace paper towels and napkins with cloth kitchen towels and washable napkins. Bring your own bag. Use Tupperware. Reuse. Repair. Buy in bulk. Buy local. Buy second-hand. Share. Trade. Swap. Rent. Donate or sell unwanted items. Print double-sided. Stop junk mail and phonebooks… you get the idea!


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