May 27

Wink bought out by PinkaBella Cupcakes



Things are going to be changing at Queen Anne’s Wink Cupcakes over the next few weeks. The cupcake shop, which opened up on the hill last year in January 2010, has been bought by another local cupcake chain–PinkaBella Cupcakes.

Last week PinkaBella posted the following notice about the cupcake merger on its Facebook page:

Wink Cupcakes and Pinkabella sitting in a tree.. YEP were married… Wink in Seattle is now Pinkabella cupcakes, A great Queen Anne location to serve you on the Seattle side… We will be transitioning over the next few weeks! Come see us and stay tuned for a Grand Re-open… until then Business as usual!

Wink officially transitioned over to serving PinkaBella cupcakes on Thursday. Wink became PinkaBella’s fourth location in the area. The other locations are in Redmond Town Center, Bellevue Square and the Alderwood Mall. PinkaBella posted the following note to Wink customers on its website:

If you were a Wink Cupcakes customer we look forward to serving you. Be sure to check out our Flavors and Pricing page. If you want to place an order be sure to visit our order page. (Please take a few minutes and review our guidelines for placing online orders as they do differ from Wink Cupcakes.)

We’ve reached out to Wink’s manager about the change, and will update this story with any additional information.


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