August 1

Queen Anne 2nd in Walk, Bike, Ride Challenge



One month into the city’s Walk, Bike, Ride Challenge, a competition pitting neighborhood against neighborhood to see which can get the most residents out of their cars and onto sidewalks and trails, Queen Anne commuters are in second place for both the number of trips switching to walking, biking or riding, and in miles of driving saved.

Queen Anne-ers have racked up some 4,918 miles of driving saved so far, and are second behind Ballard in both categories. However the PhinneyWood neighborhood, currently in third place, is fast approaching Queen Anne’s numbers. Citywide program participants saved over 100,000 miles of driving in July alone.

There are still five weeks left in the competition (the program ends on August 31), so Queen Anne still has a chance to swoop in for the win and show our sister neighborhoods that just because we live atop a steep ol’ hill doesn’t mean we can’t get out and put our feet, and pedals, to the pavement. From the folks behind the Walk, Bike, Ride program:

Here’s more info on the Jul/Aug program, the neighborhood competition and the current rankings.  If you sign up you’ll receive weekly emails with encouragement and tips, and for every trip you switch you earn a change to win some great prizes, like an electric bike, iPad, night stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel and more.

The Seattle Walking Map and the Seattle Bike Map can help you take advantage of everyday opportunities to get exercise as you get around. Here’s a blow up of Queen Anne on the Seattle Walking Map with destinations in the neighborhood, travel times by foot, hills and more.


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