April 1

Zaw covers half of paying it forward

Queen Anne Business, Restaurants


Writes local pizzeria, Zaw:

We recently had a couple of great Zaw customers inspire us. They called our Wallingford location to order a pizza and bottle of wine for their neighbor… just because.

We delivered the surprise to their neighbor’s home, creating a domino effect of smiles: All of us at Zaw came away feeling pretty great, with a little extra bounce in our step. We knew we’d just helped a good neighbor do something really, really special.

It made our staff start thinking: What could we do to make it easy for others to pay it forward and replicate those feel-good vibes?

Eventually, all that thinking generated an awesome idea! The Zaw Good Neighbor Days: April 1, 2, 3.

Pre-order a one-time delivery to your neighbor, for any of the first 3 days in April, and Zaw will pick up half the pizza tab. Our local Queen Anne store is taking orders on the telephone and online.


Zaw artisan pizza

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