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Second Public Review for Proposed Multi-Use Uptown Building Set for September 19

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In April, a brick tudor home built in 1947 at 306 Queen Anne Ave sold for $1.2M to a developer who quickly submitted a proposal for a six-story residential building on the 7,200 square foot lot.

The design for the development includes 50 apartments, three live/work units, a rooftop deck and 11 parking spaces in a garage off an alley. A public design meeting was held in April, and residents voiced concerns over the demolition of the original brick building, as well as public safety issues related to the proposed alley. The Queen Anne Design Review Board seconded the safety concern, and asked Caron Architecture to redesign the garage entrance.

Of key note – only 9 members of the public attended the Early Design Review in April – if you are concerned about this development, this is your opportunity to speak up! Community comments are key to keeping Queen Anne residents’ voices heard above the din of development – though not always implemented, public comments can help drive change and maintain the look and feel of our community, as well as the safety of our neighborhood.

April public comments included concerns about:
– the alley being used for “disruptive behavior and illegal drinking/drugging”
– a need for the alley vehicle access to be gated and lighted
– the loss of the existing home and garden space

The public also encouraged the reuse of the existing residential materials, such as the original bricks, on the proposed building or recycled for use on other buildings.

Caron’s design team is now on the schedule for another public design review – if you’re concerned about this development, or want to find out more, attend the public meeting:

When: September 19 at 6:30pm
Where: Queen Anne Community Center, Room #1, 1901 1st Avenue West

Detailed information
from the April proposal includes 3 design options – expect a few changes based on April’s meeting. The current design on Caron’s web site is below:


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