Parkour Visions Hosts Competition this Friday and Saturday, Competitors and Spectators Welcome

Posted on November 13th, 2012 by Laura Fonda

Parkour Visions has been communicating the benefits of effective parkour practice through teaching and community outreach since 2007, and they’re hosting a parkour competition in just a few days. If you’re interested in checking out their 10,000 square-foot gym at the northern base of Queen Anne on Nickerson, learning about parkour, watching competitors or competing, this is the week to do so. Parkour Visions is hosting an obstacle course competition for kids and adults this Friday and Saturday where each competitor runs three different timed courses. There are separate brackets for age and gender, with the winners logging the fastest times.

According to Parkour Visions:

“Parkour is the art of overcoming obstacles effectively and swiftly using only your body. Fundamentals include running, jumping, crawling, and climbing, in order to pass over, under, around, and through obstacles in the everyday world. Parkour offers a full-body workout to people at any level of experience or fitness; it improves our ability to move, increases our confidence, and changes how we see the world.”

Check out the video of last year’s competition to see what you can expect at the event:

Key Details:
– Where: Parkour Visions, 1210 W Nickerson St
– Adult Competition (14+) – Friday, Nov 16, 6pm-9pm
– Kids Competition (8-14) – Saturday, Nov 17, 5pm-8pm
– Competitor Fees: $20 members; $25 non-members; free to unlimited gym members — register here
– Spectators: FREE!

Parkour Visions reaches thousands of people per year through parkour academy classes, outreach to at-risk youth, special events, and private parties. If you’re interested in checking out what they do, you can attend the competition as a spectator for free.

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