Annual Camp Fire Candy Sale Kicks Off Today

Posted on January 25th, 2013 by Laura Fonda

Queen Anne Camp Fire Candy Sale in 2012
Katie & Mackenzie

Today, Friday, January 25 marks the beginning of Camp Fire kids’ 2013 Candy Sale. In January and February, non-profit Camp Fire groups raise money selling locally made Brown & Haley candy outside of grocery stores and coffee shops all around Puget Sound – last year the local Queen Anne Camp Fire kids were outside Trader Joe’s, and they’ll be there again this weekend, noon to 4pm (possibly 6pm if sales remain brisk!) both Saturday and Sunday.

The profits help fund summer camp, year-round activities and field trips, and Camp Fire’s general operating costs. Camp Fire kids attended Candy Rallies last week to learn more about their candy wares and pick up successful sale strategies. This year, the kids will be selling five different types of candy, including their Mint Patties and sugar-free Camper Mix, available for $5 each.

For more information or to purchase Camp Fire Candy, visit them live outside Trader Joe’s or online via their website.

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