May 5

Rising rents continue to impact Queen Anne businesses – Calva Café to close May 24

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CalvaSeveral weeks ago a sign went up outside Calva Café – “restaurant space for lease”. When a “for lease” sign goes up with a long-time staple still in the advertised spot, it’s usually not good news for said business. In this case, Calva Cafe is the only restaurant space at 1905 Queen Anne Ave N… and it’s closing.

In the past few days, we’ve received tips from multiple Queen Anne View readers who’ve recently dined at the mom-and-pop Chinese/Sushi restaurant, and I also talked with owner today about the restaurant’s future. After 7 years in business on Queen Anne, Calva Café will indeed be closing on May 24th, just a few weeks away. Calva, like other local Queen Anne businesses, is faced with limited options – pay an increased rental rate they can’t afford or close up shop on Queen Anne.

The landlord of the building has increased Calva’s rent twice in the past few years, and with the end of their current lease, the increase is just too much for them to stay in business on Queen Anne. Just as with Tup Tim Thai, Calva’s owners have always paid their rent and have been good tenants. They just can’t keep up with the cost of renting restaurant space on Queen Anne – an increasing cost that’s hard to understand given the number of empty retail spaces on both Upper and Lower Queen Anne.

Although they would like to keep the restaurant open, Calva’s owners have no plans at this time to relocate, so stop by to get one last home-cooked stir-fry meal or plate of hand-made sushi, and say goodbye before May 24th.


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