November 26

Sherman Alexie’s Indies First launches this week at Queen Anne Book Company

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Remember when author Sherman Alexie took on the role of bookseller-for-day back in April at Queen Anne Book Company? Well, apparently Alexie was really good at his guest spot – he was a “wildly successful bookseller” according to Queen Anne Book Company’s co-owner and manager, Janis Segress – and, his experience led to what is now an international event… that he’s celebrating on Queen Anne!

Sherman Alexie, courtesy of ABA

An author as indie bookseller? Yep, Alexie is at it again and he’s created an international event called “Indie’s First” to rally other authors to do the same. He penned a letter to fellow authors to get them involved, and to date, over 700 authors have signed up to be booksellers on Saturday across the country and as far away as Venice, Italy.

He’ll be at our local Queen Anne bookstore to kick it off and celebrate with fellow authors. Alexie and Garth Stein are the headlining author-booksellers this Saturday, November 30th at Queen Anne Book Company, and they’ll be joined by Laurie Frankel and Lesley Thomas for an afternoon of bibliophilic fun.

Here’s the line-up at Queen Anne Book Company – the event runs from 11am to 5pm on Saturday, so shop small on Saturday and stop by QABC for recommendations direct from your favorite authors:

And, to get people in the reading mood for Saturday’s event, Queen Anne Book Company is offering a 15% discount on all hardcover books on Friday, November 29th. Stop by 1811 Queen Anne Ave N to celebrate reading this week!


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