Power out along 6th Ave W, restoration estimate now 7:28pm

Posted on January 11th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

UPDATE: Seattle City Light has updated the outage status – cause is “tree” and estimated restoration has been pushed to 7:28pm.

Let’s all cross fingers that the afternoon is uneventful for those of us on Queen Anne with power – and hope that the 143 residents without power along 6th Ave W get it back early, so they can watch the Seahawks game.

(note that Targy’s is the nearest bar showing the game if you live along 6th W – looks like they missed the outage by a few blocks).

Seahawks kickoff is at 1:35pm, estimated up-time for the biggest power outage on Queen Anne is 3:16pm.

There are two other outages, each affecting one customer. One near Queen Anne Ave N and Highland, the other at 14th Ave W and Bertona.

With rain, wind, grauple, and even thunder/lightning, it’s been a wild start to the day!

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