LOST: White cat near Queen Anne Library

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by Laura Fonda

A cat that lives near the Queen Anne Library on 4th Ave W between Garfield and Galer streets has been missing since Sunday afternoon. If you live nearby, check your garages, sheds, and under decks for Binky – and if you walk to/from the Library, keep an eye out.

binky in cat box  Back Camera

Here’s Binky’s info from his owner:

Binky is a 5 year old white domestic shorthaired male with blue eyes.  He has a chip but no collar.  He is an indoor/outdoor cat and has been missing since Sunday afternoon.  He is pretty well-known among passers by on their way to the QA library, and usually hangs out near our home on 4th Ave West between Garfield and Galer Streets (close to the library).

Binky has been known to “visit” neighbors’ homes, darting into the occasional open door.  We’re curious whether he possibly got spooked by a dog, ran into a crawlspace/basement/garage, and got trapped?  A neighbor of ours found someone’s missing cat in her basement after several days. The kids are really hopeful–Binky usually sleeps with our 9 year old.
If you see Binky, contact the Virzi family via voice or text at 206-409-5687 or email catvirzi@yahoo.com.

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