Love or hate the new Mercer and Roy changes, here’s a chance to voice your opinion

Posted on July 1st, 2014 by Laura Fonda

The Queen Anne Community Council meets this Wednesday, July 2nd at Queen Anne Manor (100 Crockett St). The monthly meeting begins at 7:30pm and has the usual committee reports – but if you’ve been frustrated (angered?) by the new traffic patterns on Mercer and Roy streets, this is a meeting you’ll want to attend.

Eric Twit from the Seattle Department of Transportation will be at the meeting to discuss Mercer and Roy, and take comments and questions.

Traffic has been spilling onto other neighborhood streets in recent weeks. The change of both Mercer and Roy to two-way streets has caused significant backups, and not just during rush hour. The current configuration is for June 2014 (now) through Fall 2015:

Mercer & Roy June 2014-2015

It’s not just affecting residents – how about the Mercer St QFC? I have yet to pass its parking garage without seeing huge backups several blocks up Taylor. Imagine how tricky getting out of that garage and across traffic must be…

So, if you’ve been stuck in traffic on either of these streets or the surrounding streets, attend Wednesday’s meeting to hear directly from SDOT – and let them know your feedback.

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