Uptown Alliance meets Thursday – agenda includes Urban Design Framework, Bicycle Master Plan, and Parklet

Posted on July 9th, 2014 by Laura Fonda

uptownThe Uptown Alliance meets tomorrow, Thursday, July 10th at 7pm. The meeting is being held at the usual place, the EXPO Apartments building, 100 Republican St.

Below is this month’s agenda – the Uptown Parklet is on the list, and I’m sure the community group would be happy to take any questions or welcome any fundraisers or donors!

• Greetings & Introductions

• Round Robin of topics of concern

• Rick Hooper: Uptown’s Urban Design Framework Charrette #1 report and incentive zoning in Uptown.  Discussion and possible vote on signing onto a letter.

• Report + Q&A:  Councilmember Sally Bagshaw’s Chief of Staff: Kate White and Alberta Bleck.

• Final report on the adopted Bicycle Master Plan: Map and Q&A on new/old bike routes to and through Uptown.

• Katie Idziorek: Report on Parklet funding development/planning

• Committee Reports

• Adjourn

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