Chocolopolis leaving its spot on Queen Anne in July

Posted on April 30th, 2017 by Laura Fonda

After nearly a decade on Queen Anne, Chocolopolis is moving out of its space on Queen Anne Ave N at the end of July. The shop’s lease is up and it’s looking for a space that will better serve it in the future – and that means possibly moving to another neighborhood.

Lauren Adler opened Chocolopolis in 2008, and when the lease is up on July 31, the shop will close. Some of the challenges that led to the decision include a kitchen that’s too small, retail space that’s too large, and funding issues. Adler is looking for a space with a larger kitchen and smaller retail space in a less expensive area. Sadly, that space likely doesn’t exist on Queen Anne.

While Adler looks for a new space and new opportunities for her chocolate endeavors, and, she’s seeking input from customers via a survey that you can take today. And, the shop is still open and serving up delicious chocolates until it moves on.

3 responses to “Chocolopolis leaving its spot on Queen Anne in July”

  1. Anonymous says:

    We love your store. Sorry you’re leaving.

  2. Hoyt Morris says:

    I’m a customer. Nobody can afford rent in Seattle an QA. I’ve seen more than a few long time good businesses leave because landlords want more rent. Sorry to see you leave. Good luck.

  3. Kevin Rinderle says:

    Rents are OUT OF CONTROL on QA. There is not a small business on the hill that isn’t suffering…

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