December 15

Seattle Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Flori

Pet of the Week


Flori is a wonderful rabbit, so nice, she’s making Pet of the Week twice! She’s a big favorite with shelter volunteers and has been well-loved by her foster families. SAS is looking for a special forever home for Flori where her unique talents and personality are the perfect fit. This bunny takes a bit of effort, but we all agree that she is worth it!

What do we all love about Ms. Flori? Lots of things!

This lady is all rabbit. She has beautiful coral pink eyes and incredibly soft fur. She also has many talents.

For example, Flori is a natural interior designer. She invests the time and energy in chewing and digging to arrange her pen just right. This lady is an artiste…when she arranges her furnishings, she wants them left that way!

Flori is an independent girl with lots of energy and curiosity. This bunny loves her space. She feels comfortable being in her pen, but also exercising outside of it. She is an explorer, but also meticulous. When exercising, she repeatedly circles back to her pen to make sure things are still in their place.

This girl loves chewing too! Flinging chew toys before chewing them is a fun activity. She also enjoys chewing towels and shredding. Flori knows how to keep herself busy!

On top of everything else, Ms. Flori has ladylike litter box habits. She conducts her business all in the box and in the same area of the box. Cleanup is easy and she actually needs less Care Fresh than most bunnies. An economically minded rabbit is hard to find!

While not currently bonded with a friend, Flori has shown interest in other rabbits in the past. She likes stability in her environment and the fewer people the better. Adults are best for Flori as she learns to trust petting and friendship from a human.

Check out Flori in action in this video:

If you are interested in meeting or adopting Flori (SAS ID # 33916646) please fill out a Small Animal Application available at the Shelter or online and then meet with an animal care officer for review. The Seattle Animal Shelter is located at 2061 15th Ave W in Seattle.


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