Bald Eagles Spotted on Queen Anne

Yesterday, I was sitting at my office desk looking out the window when a bald eagle flew through my backyard – he was even with my second floor window, flying in-between houses as he was chased by two of our resident crows. I posted to Twitter, and within minutes someone spotted the same eagle on Lynn St (the direction he was heading – and I’m assuming this eagle is a “he” since he was smaller than the typical female eagle).

If you’re not following us on Twitter or Facebook, you may have missed yesterday’s discussions about eagles on Queen Anne. Apparently, Kinnear Park was home to two male eaglets 3 years ago, one perches regularly on the “E” of the Edgewater Hotel, there have been sightings of eagles on both East and West Queen Anne, and two are nesting on the West side of Queen Anne.

I didn’t have my camera at my desk, and I likely wouldn’t have snapped a good photo through the window – but a reader sent us this picture of the two eagles that are nesting on West Queen Anne (if you see them, please do not disturb them):

It’s a nice reminder of where we live – even in the city, we have wilderness. And, this time it’s not the meddlesome raccoons, but bald eagles! If you see an eagle on Queen Anne and get a photo, let us know. Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping my camera at my desk from now on.