Two Queen Anne residents to receive 2009 Greater Seattle Local Humanitarian Awards

Two of Queen Anne’s own, Sarah Brice and Bethany Juchem, will be receiving Greater Seattle Local Humanitarian Awards from the Hope for Many Foundation for their “leadership and discovering new ways to serve and promote giving” in 2009. Hope for Many representative Brendi Amarcotti said that five award recipients citywide have been selected because they have allĀ  “either raised a substantial amount of money for their charities through creative resources, started non-profits and/or involved themselves in Film Making to advance their cause.”

“Sarah Brice and Bethany Juchem (both of Queen Anne) together collaborated on a black and white short film about Seattle Homelessness entitled, ‘Isolation.’ Bethany Juchem founded a non profit in 2009 called Help for Heroin, which is making steps to provide education to Seattle School Districts about Heroin abuse and is lobbying on a State Level to have the rehab laws changed for Opiate Abusers from 28 days to a more useful 90 days. Sarah Brice wrote a play entitled ‘My Seattle’ which has been performed by non actors in Pike Market over the past 3 months, every 2nd and 4th Sunday portraying the need to help and support our fellow Seattlites, Homeless, Handicapped, Rich or Poor,” Amarcotti said via email.

Humanitarian awards will also be given to Marcie Ayala from Ballard, Aimee Carpino from Capitol Hill, and Trin Ma from the International District. All five recipients will be awarded plaques acknowledging their giving, “even if on a small scale,” according to Amarcotti, at a ceremony to be held at Seattle Center in mid-July alongside an outdoor showing of two documentaries made by one of the recipients. (We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have the date and specific event information).

The Seattle’s Hope For Many Foundation’s website is still under construction, however Amarcotti says the organization is actively geared toward “helping businesses live up to their Charitable Potential.”